Drie Fruits

Cashew Nut

We procure fresh cashew nuts from Konkan and Goa. These cashew nuts are Vacuum packed to maintain taste and freshness. These cashew nuts are packed in accordance to their weight, size and quality.

Wall Nut

Walnuts are enriched in manganese and copper which have the beneficial effects on the health of the person. We source these Walnuts directly from the producers without any mediator that helps us in getting 100% pure quality. Walnuts are also said as “brain food” due to its high nutritional value and also act as the antioxidants. Our quality teams hygienically pack these walnuts in order to retain its taste and freshness for long time.

  • Hygienic packaging
  • Thoroughly cleaned
  • High nutrients
  • Fresh


  • W180,W240,W320,W450(WHITE & SCHROCHED WHOLES

  • 99%